Trillium Forest School of Belly Dance


Trillium Forest School of Belly Dance is her private studio in Boulder Creek, California where she holds public and private classes in Yoga and Belly Dance.  She has designed her curriculum to be a very comprehensive education in American and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.  Having studied extensively with some of the leaders in these fields, she is offering a thorough approach to belly dance technique through a Tribal Fusion lens, although the fundamentals can be applied to any belly dance style.  With clear breakdowns, a fun and down-to-earth teaching style and a “no dancer left behind” attitude, her classes accommodate everyone at the level they are at.  Tucked away in a stunning forest setting, this cozy but gorgeous little studio is just the space to set your heart and hips free!

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Current Class Schedule

All classes available via live stream.  For live stream only, Sunday class registrations must be received by 9:30am and by 6pm for Wednesday classes.
Class cards available: 4 classes for $55
*Class cards are non-refundable, and expire in one year.  Financial aid available in some instances.


10-11am – Hot Pot ITS Level 1 $15-$20 sliding scale
Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) is a belly dance team sport.  Learn a very specific dance vocabulary with friends.  Use those movements in any order you like.  Turn on the music and make wild dances together.  More detailed info here.

11-11:30am – Belly Dance Drills. $10 (or free with either of the other Sunday classes)
This is a 30 minute class where we focus specifically on building the articulated isolations we need to make dances.  There is no warm up, but the next class starts with a 15-20 minute yoga/dance warm up.  Although the drills class can be taken ala carte, it is designed to supplement the 11:30am class and is free if you take both classes.  Drills are a foundational practice required for great dancing!

Sundays 11:30-12:45pm – Trillium Belly Dance Level 1/2 Belly Dance $15-$20 sliding scale
This is an hour and 15 minute class that begins with a yoga/dance warm up.  We then focus on fundamental belly dance movement and put it into combos.  This is an ongoing class that will run in an 8 week series format.  8 weeks of beginning and 8 weeks of intermediate will continuously alternate to cater to all skill levels.  Drop ins are always welcome and you can join any time, even if you are a beginner or very advanced dancer.  I promised you will still get great work done!



6:30-7pm Hot Pot ITS Level 1 Dance Stagger! $10
There is no breakdown in this session.  This is for anyone who has already taken level 1 ITS to get their stagger practice on.  We’re gonna turn on the music and dance ITS.  Questions are welcome, of course!

7-8:15pm Datura Style® and Trillium Belly Dance® level 2/3 $15-$20 sliding scale*
*Alternating Datura Style and Trillium Belly Dance in 4-8 week series.


About Trillium Belly Dance:
The integration of Chandala’s lineage, influences and her own unique style.  We will focus on proper posture and appropriate muscle use to strengthen and maintain a healthy dance practice.  This is where Chandala gets to play and inspire using a range of styles in belly dance to create art.

About Datura Style:
Rachel Brice is a genius and one of the most gorgeous dancers I have ever witnessed.  She stole my heart long ago and I have worked hard to bring her format to you!  We will learn Rachel’s Datura Style technique through her clever “studies” as well as learn the fluid, serpentine moves she has created for this format.  All while learning how to use the appropriate muscles and posture to get the most  out of your movement and avoid injury.  Bring finger cymbals.

Monthly Workshops!

Chandala is committed to bringing a well-rounded education to her local dance community.  There are more subjects than fit in the weekly classes, so she is also offering supplemental monthly workshops in exciting topics.  Workshop descriptions below.

Oct 27, 1-3pm Beginning Musicality for Belly Dancers $25
Nov 11, 1-3pm Approach to Choreography $25

Beginning Musicality For Dancers
Learn the basic Arabic rhythms most used in belly dance and explore how to dance to them.  Bring a drum if you have one and finger cymbals.  Musicality is essential for quality belly dance performance!

Finger Cymbals Demystified
Finger cymbals, or zils, have a long history in belly dance.  When played with skill, they add beauty and enrichment to the dance.  But the moment you put those on, you have become part of the band.  Come learn how to play those zils over music and get up and do some dancing with them as well.

American Belly Dance History – From the Chicago World Fair to Today’s Tribal Fusion
Just when did Americans get so heart struck with belly dance?  And how was Tribal Fusion born?  What the heck are we fusing anyway?

Approach to Choreography
Have you ever wanted to make a dance but have no idea where to start?  Getting overwhelmed by the process?  You see those beautiful finished pieces made by your dance inspirations…they all started somewhere.  You can, too!

Creating A Persona – Costuming
What you wear for a performance is a communication to your audience.  What are you saying?  We’ll explore lots of different options and looks to consider the next time you want to transport yourself and your audience to another place, time or feeling.  From the practical to the fantastical…

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“I have been dancing my whole life and Chandala’s energy, vibrance and teaching methods definitely make her stand out to me as one of my favorite teachers. What makes her stand out beyond her amazing sense of humor, is that she’s so studied on many various forms of belly dance… What really helps on a physical level is her understanding of the body from years of teaching yoga. Her motto is, “let’s dance forever!” And she can provide you help with that through teaching you helpful body mechanics on top of the moves. She’s truly incredible!!”
– Mimi Clark, Scotts Valley, CA

“I’ve been belly dancing American Cabaret for about 5 years, and recently decided to give tribal fusion a try. I heard about Chandala Snow-Shiva from a friend, and decided to give her a try, even though it meant an hour commute each way to her class. I have now been taking her classes exclusively, for about 3 months, and I AM IMPRESSED!!! She brings a level of safety and understanding to the technique of belly dance that I have never experienced before! I am learning so much about how my body moves, and how to execute even simple hip shimmies without damaging my lower back. Chandala has a delightful, smooth  and thrilling dance style, a combo of Zoe Jakes and Rachel Brice! She is great at teaching moves, and layering them into an impromptu combo at the end of the class to make it fun to put what you learned into action and actually DANCE!!!! Also she is a warm, caring person who makes her classes inviting and a haven and coven for her students.”
– Rachelle Daniels, Monterey, CA

“If you are looking for a teacher who strikes that balance between elegance and drive, Chandala is your champion. You can put full trust in her ability to educate beyond the basics. With great sensitivity to both the beginner and the student looking for challenge, Chandala delivers extensive vocabulary and clear explanation on how to execute proper technique. She fully recognizes the ray of individuals taking in her guidance and tempers her instruction with great care and mindfulness. Her balance of pushing while embracing is accomplished with great fluidity. She is a legitimate, educated and very affable person. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of being a student of her teaching.”
– Lalainia Blenio, Boulder Creek, CA