Satinka Belly Dance

Satinka is a Santa Cruz based belly dance troupe of students and friends under the direction of Chandala Shiva.  Dancers include Chandala, Nellie Thorngate, Ann Vee, Willy Rybicki and Jasmine Hurst.  

Satinka’s mission is to uplift and celebrate community while also supporting each dancer on their personal artistic journey.  Satinka means “magic dancer” and Chandala believes that each woman in this group, regardless of their stage of the journey, IS a magic dancer.  Her vision is to empower each of them to connect with that inner magic.

They can be found performing locally and have been priveleged to be guests in Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot and to open for one of their all time favorite bands, Beats Antique!  (Video of the Beats Antique 2016 NYE show here)



Coven Dance Company

Coven Dance Company is a professional dance company based in Oakland, CA directed by Zoe Jakes.  With cutting edge dance performances, Coven is available for hire for shows, festivals and corporate events.


Arcana Music & Dance

Arcana was developed by Zoe Jakes and Danielle Smith for the Northern California Renaissance Faire.  Featuring top class dancers and musicians, Arcana offers the best of live music and theatrical belly dance performance.  Music directors are Paul Evan and Greogory Masaki Jenkins.

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The Feldthouse Family Band

The Feldthouse family consists of generations of ridiculously amazing musicians playing acoustic world music.  They are accompanied by friends who love to play with them.  This band is based in Santa Cruz and brings community, dance and music magic wherever they go.

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Feldthouse Family PoetPatriot